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With over 27 years of experience in the semiconductor market, we’ve built our reputation on delivering quality products and exceptional logistic service.

Our supply chain network enables us to source 773 of the highest-quality wet process chemicals and raw materials to meet your specific needs. Stocking high purity acids, solvents, buffered oxide etches (BOE), mixed acid etches, and other blends from the best producers in the industry, we offer consolidated supply chain creating one resource for all your chemical needs.

When safety, security and responsible handling matter, call Hubbard-Hall first.

"Hubbard-Hall has been a reliable partner for over 20 years. Their support and expertise have proved invaluable during times of strained/challenging supply chains - Hubbard-Hall has kept us running."
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Inventory Management Services

97% on-time shipping keeps your fab up and running.

Hubbard-Hall offers services to help you manage your stock levels and shelf life, by providing warehousing, handling and shipping. We service the entire Eastern seaboard with locations in MA and SC that are designed for advanced material distribution with temperature-controlled storage.

  • Shelf-life guarantee
  • Just in time shipping and delivery
  • Cold storage below 67°
  • Freezer storage
  • Warm storage for chemicals kept at 70° or above
  • Flammable storage
  • Oxidizer storage

For Best in Class High-Purity Chemicals, We Partner with:

Fujifilm, the leading supplier of semiconductor materials providing cutting edge photoresists and other specialties.

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Additional Preferred Suppliers

  • Fujifilm Ultra Pure Solutions
  • Fujifilm Electronic Materials
  • KMG (Entegris)
  • EKC Technology Inc.
  • EMD Performance Materials
  • Dupont
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • High Purity Products
  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients
  • Transene Company Inc.

High Purity, Semiconductor Grade Chemicals

Dilute Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)Hydrogen PeroxidePotassium Hydroxide
Hydrochloric AcidNitric AcidSpecialty Blends
Hydrofluoric AcidMethanolSulfuric Acid
Mixed Acid Etched Blends (AE)AcetoneGold Etchant
Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE)Isopropyl AlcoholNickel Etchant
ZyliteN-Methyl PyrrolidoneFreckle Etch
N-Butyl AcetateAdhesion Promotor 100%

Do you need chemistry for plating and wastewater treatment?  We have that too.
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