Positive Stuffs Around the Web

Getting really tired of hearing bad news in the Web today? Trump, bombings, discrimination, floods, earthquakes, man-made disasters and so much more. Where are the good stuffs?! Behind all those negative things brought to us by the Internet, we have to look for the bright side. The positive things. Let’s find out some of these positive stuffs.

Zimbabwe bans the beating of Children

Zimbabwean Kids

Nice! Finally! I never thought this will happen. Seriously. What kind of government actually permits the beating of children? But finally it’s gone! Hurray for Zimbabwean kids. I hope that their government doesn’t take that back for a long, long time. If possible, forever.

US cancer rate dropped has dropped by 21% since 1991 peak

Good news about Americans. That’s what I’m talking about! From the hotdog guzzling and lard eating couch potatoes to health crazed people. A change in their lifestyle and advancement in the field of medicine made this possible. Detox has been an in-thing in the US in the early 2010’s. Juicing plays a big part on this because it cleanses the body while giving an energy boost. It also provides essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for our body to function well. If you want to learn more about the wonders of juicing, check out this awesome site: juicerkings.com.

Disposable Plastic has been banned on Delhi, India

Delhi, India’s capital city and home of about 19 million people has officially banned the use of disposable plastic. A great start for the green revolution in India.

Plastics are posing a great threat to our marine biodiversity. I know plastic has been a part of our everyday lives for the past century. Living without it is pretty hard. But I think that it’s time to give that up or make another eco-friendly version of it.


These are just some of our good news that’s in our Web today. I hope that you can join us again in covering the positive stuffs that’s happening around the globe everyday. See you later!